An open letter to the thick-headed two party believers

I don't claim to be the smartest person on the planet. I'm not the most conservative. I'm not the most liberal. I believe in god, but I respect ones right NOT to believe. I think absolute anarchy is a stupid idea, but I believe a lot of our laws of control, are unconstitutional, like drug laws for instance. I do know however ALL of us Americans have been programmed on some level. We have been programmed by our churches, our schools, the television, even each other. The worst programming however, probably comes in the form of politics.

Americans have almost tragically been trained to stick to the two party system. This has become a thought prison for the majority of Americans. A few weeks ago, a friend and I got into a debate about freeing the mind from restrained ideals and thinking. He had mentioned that politically people who try to change political ideology are seen by the majority as weak and as someone who they cant put any faith into. My question became, what if the political ideology you have clung to for so long, was essentially KILLING you? What if you finally awoke to the realization that the ideals you were trained to adopt as your own, weren't really yours at all?

I realized years ago, that the American political process had been hijacked by criminal, foreign, banking cartels and the worst wall street has to offer. This new election cycle has made this reality abundantly clear, the people on the left vote for a communist/socialist like Bernie Sanders, yet the superdelegates tell the people to kiss their ass, because Hillary Clinton is still going to get the nomination. On the republican side, Donald Trump is the overall choice, but the media and the GOP establishment are working to make sure Trump doesn't get the nomination.

I ask the people of America to look around and realize their hopes, dreams, and their very will, is not being realized. A bunch of bloated, super rich, oligarchs are shaping not only our future, but our children's future as well. Our babies deserve so much more than to cling to ideals of political parties that are no longer led by real human beings. People are being led around by the nostrils by power hungry maniacs, who wish to control your every move and thought. People who hate, despite every effort to dumb you down, and steal your spirit, that you even woke up this morning. They hate that in spite of their handiwork, most normal people of all walks of life have more goodness, and love in their pinkys, then these soulless pieces of garbage have in any part of their bodies.

It is time to break the programming. The Democratic and Republican parties don't work any more. The power of the majority needs to count for something again. We ALL have been betrayed. Change will not come from big government. Only the people at the ground level can effect any kind of real change. Not the lies Obama sold so many of you to become president, will change the course the country is on. We as a united people are going to have to actively decide what do we want for our futures, and those of our children.