Hellhole pleasure tripping, could have consequences…

Hello world, I’ve been really busy this year. For the few readers I have I know I said I would write a article EVERY month, but the year so far has been demanding, that, and I haven’t figured out how to approach most of the madness shown on even mainstream media, to the point I’d probably sound like a staunch republican. I don’t belong to a party, read some of my writings and you’ll see that I have some liberal leanings and I have some conservative leanings, but my leanings, primarily, are towards commonsense and decency. 
Enter the story of Otto Warmbier, now let me get this out of the way from the start, let his unfortunate story serve as a warning to future travelers, traveling to 3rd world hell holes with totalitarian/communist regimes isn’t cute. It isn’t stylish. It isn’t cool, or trendy. It’s dangerous and potentially foolish.

Mr. Warmbier probably thought nothing could possibly go wrong. He probably thought taking a little poster wouldn't hurt, he was wrong. Grossly, wrong. Unfortunately, his lack of foresight may have pushed him into the arms of the EVIL North Korean government. Kim Jung Un is a spoiled brat, savage. He is largely a Asian, ongoing rendition of Adolf Hitler. The concentration camps, slave labor and stifling control, mirror the efforts of the Third Reich. Everyone is always looking for a new Hitler, he's in North Korea. I'm imploring the trendy, millennial generation, take trips to Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, places like that. Stay away from places where death, suffering and terror are widespread, business as usual, norms. It can cost you your life.

Unlike the mainstream media, Mr Warmbiers death genuinely saddened me. I'm a father, and the strength his father showed in the face of watching his baby boy deteriorate, was amazing. However most of the mainstream media made fun of the folly of his youth and seemed to justify his abuse at the hands of the North Korean government. They laughed and cracked jokes as Mr Warmbier slowly died in the hospital. CNN and NBC callously berated him for doing 'stupid young people shit'. However, NO COMPASSION. Fox for all their issues was one of a few news outlets that offered anything in the way of sadness, outrage and condolences.

I write this asking everyone in America and the world, have we as human beings, degenerated to such a point that we aren’t human at all? Has the presidency of Trump and recent victories of the republicans and their dogged focus to destroy any supposed 'legacy' of Barack Obama, invoked such hatred in the American people? Has Trumps presidency inspired inhuman callousness and self-hatred to the point, certain whites, no longer care for other whites as part of the human race?

Now that young Otto Warmbier has died and been layed to rest , and his family, community and country mourn his loss, will the American public find their overall humanity, kindness and decency? Or has this growing indifference become a harbinger of things to come? I most certainly hope not.