Photo by Maxime Lebrun on Unsplash

Last Month I Learnt — Feb 2019

Highlights of my #TIL Notes


  1. Vertigo Effect has various names like zido, zolly, dolly. I ended up the wiki page while wondering in “the internet”
  2. The story of “Windows Refund Day”.
    I was thinking it was a “hippie” demonstration but it is not. Read more
  3. I bought a Bose headphone and I love it. Bose QC 35 II
  4. I learnt how to disable warning sound for Racuhabzug
  5. I learnt that there are drug ads on TV in USA also they have this
  6. We started to go vegan (or as far as we can go) and we feel good morally and physically. Also we discovered many new foods.
  7. Started the beta version of


  1. Mirroring tool: httrack
    Time to time I need mirroring tools to bulk download a list of files like this
    httrack is one of my favourite
  2. Google Cloud Armor
    Alpha features are good also the partner integrations. Very similar with AWS WAF
  3. A wonderful Vault HA setup on Kubernetes
  4. I learnt that the importance of taking a backup of a kubernetes deployment config via hard way
  5. I published this small article on creating random phrases offline and quick
  6. Started listening this podcast Soft Skills Engineering
  7. I created/updated a Squid configuration for for progressive
  8. I started trying Burp Suit Professional version, it’s wonderful for security scanning. It’s not not “the only tool” for PenTesters but it is one of the tools that has to be in PenTest toolbox. I was using community edition before and I had no idea about the cool “Web vulnerability scanner” feature in the Business Plan.