I decided took notes of any kind of new knowledge to me and list every month.

Last Month I Learnt - Jan 2019

Added the highlights of my new daily notes form last month.

Non technical

1. The Romanian Revolution — Watched in a galerie Galerie im Körnerpark

Too many new information about Romanian history during its’ time of “Socialist Republic of Romania”. I watched a very long documentary which is prepared only using raw amateur footage of Nicolae Ceaușesc’s overthrown. I couldn’t find the work online. It’s the most amazing backstage video. The backstage of a riot/revolution. Also the most transparent and objective documentation.

2. Wars in Vietnam

A friend told a bit about wars in Vietnam. It turns out I did not now most of it other than “the Vietnam War”. I took a note to read about Vietnam war history.


1. Interesting but I just learned or realise LD_PRELOAD

https://twitter.com/jessfraz/status/1087468414707343362 https://lwn.net/Articles/412048/


> LD_PRELOAD Used it to override gettimeofday() to work around a stupid license expiry thing. https://twitter.com/themiwi/status/1087596737215250432

> LD_PRELOAD Some helpful preload libraries for pwning stuff. https://github.com/zardus/preeny Preeny helps you pwn noobs by making it easier to interact with services locally. It disables fork(), rand(), and alarm() and, if you want, can convert a server application to a console one using clever/hackish tricks, and can even patch binaries!

I also learnt the mac equivalent version: DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH & DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES

2. Decided to read “Cybernetic” by Norbert Wiener.

They said it is a “must read book” and I feel that I missed a huge thing in my life.

3. (And directly related with 2.) Also decided to read A Mathematical Theory of Communication by Claude Shannon

These two books is basically enlightened many of the directions of digital era.

4. I learnt naming origin of the Kubernetes

From the book “Cybernetics

Cybernetics may be defined as the science of describing goal-directed systems. The term comes from the Greek word “kubernetes”, meaning “steersmanship.” (From the same Greek word but through Latin, English gets the word “governor.”) In general (center of diagram), cybernetics is useful in understanding a goal-directed system that exists in an environment which, because it is dynamic, makes an unchanging set of actions by the system inadequate to achieve the system’s goal. Initially (left side of diagram) cybernetics was concerned with systems that were observed (such as thermostats). It soon became clear that one could also observe systems that were themselves observing (right side of diagram). This brought issues of language, meaning and subjectivity into sharp focus.

Also check the etymology: https://www.etymonline.com/word/cybernetics

5. Yarn is going to use Typescript

That’s good news.

6. Camunda Platform

Camunda is apparently an amazing business modelling tool with many interactive features in it’s “Cockpit” platform. It has modeller and the rest api to control/simulate the model. You don’t even need to code if you know the Cockpit features well enough.

We went to a Camunda hackathon. It was the first Camunda hackday. the organisation and technical support was fantastic. Specially Niall and Falko supported incredibly well. We learned lots of things. In the hackaton our team was horribly newbie about BPMN and we decided to go with a funny project. We did a game and used Camunda as a communication gateway.