HTC One M9 — Blind User Tests.

Ordinary folks making obvious decisions based on performance and quality. Personally I’m not surprised by the results however it would seem that almost everyone who participated in this experiment was, with Samsung and Apple being named without hesitation.

Say what you like about the HTC One M9, but something that has be totally nailed down is the “Selfie Camera” low light UltraPixel technology being demonstrated to it’s full potential. Not to mention the Boomsound, dual front faceing speakers….

So there you have it. A simple, fun and I’d say “fair” test that just shows never to judge a book by it’s cover Even if the the M9 is streets ahead when it comes to looks ;)

Perhaps next time you are thinking about a new hand set, try one out before listening to the internet. After all, seeing and hearing is truly believing.

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