Navigating Navigation
Caffery Garff

It is interesting to read the approach that was taken, particularly with regard to mapping, as this is the area where in my view Karoo has an unfortunate design flaw — which is why I’m selling my unit.

The forums have a number of posts about the inability to download the maps for long routes; others have complained about the need to highlight multiple areas, etc. I wanted to use my unit as a backup for my race Norway — Spain in June, but could not as it provide impossible to download the tiles. Ended up with OSMAnd+ on my cell phone as the backup to my Garmin.

This is in stark contrast to apps such as OSMAnd+ which allow you to simply download an entire country’s open street map and be done with it.

The tile approach’s problems were highlighted to me just the other day when I was out for a ride and I reached the end of where the tiles had loaded so I was literally ‘off the map’.

The hardware is great, but if you want hassle free and reliable mapping and navigation it still has a loooooonnnnngggg way to go. While you post is optimistic about making it happen, I can’t see it if you persist in this approach of using the tiles. But all this has been said on the forums :-)