To Whom it May Concern — The Beginning — Advice

Post graduate program eh? Make my university degree less aimless and more specified hm? Professional writing program you say?

The only thing I consistently keep learning from education is that they take my money. I don’t think that’s what I’m supposed to be learning, yet I keep giving them my money in hopes that I’m wrong.

For you see, the average joe can’t really get a job without some kind of post secondary education. To top that off, now some university degrees require specialization.

So I did it. I joined the plentiful ranks of people who went to specialize their degree in some way. I’m almost finished a post graduate program, where I studied and practiced professional writing and communications. 
The experience was something I did not expect.

If I could describe the encounter in a metaphorical way I’d say that it was a trek, a bad trip, or, an even more fitting description would be to say that it was a rollercoaster ride. Filled with wild ups, and vertical downward spirals.

This was not a roller coaster of the wooden variety, although there were many bumpy moments.

No, this was more like a fully functional jet show. Consisting of barely any rules, a lack of structure and no way to abort the mission except to jump out of the cockpit with a parachute you didn’t know how to use.

Overall it was an interesting ride. Definitely something to look back on with an uncomfortable smile and maybe some misplaced tears. While you sit and reminisce about almost peeing your pants the whole time.

Hah, what a lie. There was definite pants wetting.

The whole experience lead me to realise that I was getting all sorts of contradictory advice. One person would tell me, “don’t make your resume too flashy,” then I’d turn around and someone would say, “spice up your resume so it stands out.”

So I thought to myself, if anyone can give advice then bloody heck, why can’t I?

I’m a totally unqualified, side-eye giving millennial, taking life day by day in a world that’s swirling around in an endless dark abyss.

If you feel that ‘To Whom it May Concern’ applies to you then hold onto your pants because you’re about to get a whole bunch of really great…advice? If you can call it that.

The plan is to post occasional inter-webular content that gives you advice that you never asked for, probably can’t use and gives you a terrifying insight into the mind of a serial oatmeal eater.