Remote Report is now Support Focused

Building, Shipping, and Looking Forward 👉

Photo by Anna Utochkina on Unsplash

A bit of background 👩‍💻

After working in support roles for few different companies, (Apple, Uber, currently an awesome SaaS) I wanted to provide a resource for friends and family who were always curious as to how I found these roles.

I had two specific goals in mind when I set out:

  • Share the best remote, customer support roles
  • Curate resources that will aid users in landing a remote and/or support focused job

And so, Remote Report began as a weekly newsletter featuring the latest remote, support focused jobs.

After several of months of running the newsletter, I had received a number requests from subscribers to build a job board. After all, instant access to new jobs would benefit users more than a weekly newsletter!

At the end of 2017 life got a bit busy, and I was dealing with a few health issues so I decided to take a break and focus on myself. In March, I realized there really is no time like the present and I had no reason to continue delaying the project.

Building 🛠️

Although I can code, I wanted to build and ship as quickly as possible, so I opted to take a low code approach and stick to things I already knew. This would allow me to build the job board rapidly and validate the idea without wasting time, money or effort.

To keep things simple I’m using Bootstrap and a Google Sheet as a back-end. This setup in combination with Sheetsee.js displays my spreadsheet data and powers my search function.

To collect job submissions from employers, I’m using custom forms on with a webhook to send the form data to Zapier, then to Airtable. The forms also handle Stripe payments. I also have notifications set up in Zapier to alert me when a new submission occurs so I can get the new job added to the site quickly.

For hosting a static site, Netlify was the obvious choice. The free tier features are amazing and the setup couldn’t be easier. Connect a GitHub repo and click to deploy — done! They also handle DNS, Forms, HTTPS certificates and so much more!

Shipping 🚢

On March 3rd, I shared the big update and new site with my Ship subscribers. And though the feedback was sparse, what I did receive was good!

Later that day, I received a message from Amrith over at Product Hunt encouraging me to go ahead and post on Product Hunt soon. I hesitated — there were so many things I wanted to improve before I shared the project any further.

After finalizing a few things, I finally launched on Product Hunt on March 12th. Here are the overall numbers post-launch:

  • ✅ 278 new sign-ups
  • 🎯 2 paid job submissions

Looking back, there are hundreds of things I could have done differently that may have lead to a more successful launch. That said, the days since sharing the project have been a great learning experience and paved the way for the future.

Looking ahead 🙌

After gathering user feedback on the new site, and analyzing how the search feature was being used — it was obvious that I needed to better define the site’s purpose, in both name and copy.

The original name, Remote Report, was not only confusing for users but was in direct conflict with my intentions for the project. It suggested the site would have remote jobs for all fields, which wasn’t true. To eliminate confusion and better communicate the purpose of the site, I’ve chosen a name that clearly represents the direction of the project.

Going forward, the site will be called Support Focused— a platform to find the latest customer support focused roles, all in one place.

Jobs posted on the site are now remote and location-specific opportunities! And I’ll continue to publish the newsletter on a regular basis.

Hiring for a support focused role? Post a job on Support Focused and reach thousands of talented candidates! Use the code Medium20! and get 20% of through the month of April!