A bike path that intersects a shopping mall
Morten Just

Seems like it’s a large investment with little ROI. Yes there is the ability to advertise to cyclists but the tube physically separates the storefronts from potential shoppers . The “call to action” is too difficult as the user must go outside the tube, then back inside to shop. It takes away potential shoppers from the “cycling or foot traffic” portion of passerbys. It might also take away from shop branding — seems quite low and may box in certain stores.

As an effective cycling route / tunnel, it must not present obstacles such as doors (Which is needed to keep warmth in, etc) and pedestrians (which this tunnel presents as an attractive option through the mall)— So it isn’t effective as a cycling route either

Good design is less design, does this solve more problems than it creates ?

I hope I don’t come across rude, just being critical — I like your design thinking! Just my two cents from what I learned in Environmental Design.

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