The Benefits of Using an Online Backup System

There are few things more frustrating than having worked tirelessly on a piece of work, only for your system to crash and the work be lost. If that work is figures, reports or confidential information, then to lose it can be more than frustrating, it can be potentially detrimental to the reputation and operation of your business. Some people are concerned about saving work online, especially if it’s sensitive information, but storing and backing up work on an online cloud-based system is actually safer than relying on your hard drive. Below we’ve listed the many benefits of using an online backup system so that you can see the investment benefits.

Endless storage

One of the major benefits of using a cloud backup service is that there is virtually no limit to the size of files you can store. There will be plenty of space to back up an entire hard drive, including files which require large amounts of storage including documents, music, photos and videos. You can have peace of mind that your online storage system can accommodate all of your important data, work and documents in one place.

Your information is protected

It is understandable to feel unsure about storing data online, and it is important to question whether it will be protected from fraud and cyber-attacks. The crucial part of using a cloud backup service is to protect and save your data, so painstaking time is taken to ensure your information is encrypted to block anyone from accessing it that doesn’t have your specific pass key.

Truly stored

When you use an online business backup service, you are usually offered the opportunity to store your work on two remote servers, which hold backup copies of your data. Thus to lose your work, you would then have to have it wiped from your hard drive and two separate hard drives (where your remote servers are located) simultaneously. When you save your work to an online business backup service, you upload a file and save a copy to the cloud, which literally means you are ensuring your work is doubly stored. There is more chance of you being struck by lightening twice than this happening, so you can be assured your work is in a safe place.


Using online cloud backup services shouldn’t be an inconvenient or time-consuming task. Your computer can be configured to automatically backup your work online so that if an emergency arises — a fire drill, for example, which takes you away from your desk suddenly, your computer will routinely refresh and backup anything you’ve been working on. This is also hugely beneficial if you work away from the office, are out and about as you work, or update data regularly with the most up-to-date version being saved and waiting for you to pick back up when you’re ready.


Investing in an online business backup service means that you and your staff can enjoy the flexibility of working anywhere, whether that be the office, home or internationally. It opens up new, exciting commercial opportunities allowing you to build relationships with customers in new areas. Online cloud services, also mean that you can share files with colleagues so that you’re always working from the most current file.


It’s something no one likes to think about, but disasters can happen, from fires to floods to break-ins. Having a plan in place to store and protect your data is a critical part of any business contingency plan, and should be a priority in any business. By storing your data online you mitigate many of the potential risks of losing backed up data, allowing you peace of mind to focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

If you are unsure about how your files can be transferred and backed up online, or you feel anxious about trusting a cloud-based system to save important information, please get in touch with us. HTL has been providing industry-leaders with expert communications and IT Support solutions for almost a decade. We understand how important effective and efficient system management is and will work with you to ensure you get the most out of your systems.