Tips for choosing a managed IT support provider

A cyber security threat, a computer bug and your whole network crashing are just a few of the reasons why companies use managed IT support. Compared with twenty years ago, these problems can cause serious problems for businesses, as many are mostly reliant on IT systems.

Downtime as a result of these problems can cause profits to start decreasing, and the loss of contact with potential clients and acquaintances may seriously impact your performance.

There are some tips you should consider when you are looking for managed IT support.

1. Get everyone on board

With the introduction of managed IT services, you need to make sure you have the full support and backing of staff, from execs to frontline staff. Drive home the importance of managed IT support, discussing the benefits it will add to your business. Remember, understanding is half the battle so make sure staff are fully informed and educated on the reasons why outsourcing IT support is important for the company.

2. Know your needs

To choose a managed IT support service, you need to identify what services you will need. It may be that you require them to set up your business email client, or you need a service to troubleshoot your IT problems. Perhaps you deal with large amounts of data, so you need a service to provide data backup. Find a managed IT service that can tailor their offering to you.

3. Level of support

It’s important when looking for managed IT support that you understand the type of support offered by the provider. What level of access is there when things go wrong for your company? Do they offer the opportunity for you to leave the office at 5pm whilst they provide 24/7 support to your systems?

It’s also worth considering if they are local to your business. Having a provider local to your company is important, because occasionally there may be an issue that needs to be diagnosed and rectified by IT support, which will require them to make a visit.

4. Track record

Reputation is key when looking for a managed IT support provider. For your managed IT support, the provider you choose should boast a solid track record showing their ability and capabilities. They should be experts in this field, and their previous work should show this.

5. Costs

Before you start looking for a provider, it’s important for you to know what it’s costing for your IT services at present. This gives you the benefit of knowing your costs, so that when it comes to providers pitching their services and costs to you, you have a better understanding of what you will get for your money. Most importantly, you will know what you need and for how much.

6. Their knowledge

As you search for the right provider to deliver managed IT support, make sure they are interested in you and your business, showing a good level of engagement. You will know this if they ask questions about your company, as well as what your experience of IT has been to date. They should be specific in their questioning, as this not only helps them build up a relationship with you, but they also get a better understanding of your needs as a business.

7. Experience

Being able to understand your industry is vital for your provider when it comes to them delivering effective IT support. They should understand the requirements of your industry, including the vision for the future.

Remember, trust is an important consideration when choosing a provider. You need to be able to trust them with your IT infrastructure and the inner workings of your business. By taking the time during the selection process to build a relationship with the provider, you can ensure that, when it comes to them taking charge of your IT support, they will not only provide excellent support, but they can be trusted with sensitive data and information.

When looking for managed IT support and choosing a provider, the key is to take time and consider the options. A company with good communication and management will help put you at ease, and by taking the time to question and probe, you can make sure you choose the right provider for your business.

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