Create Ubiquitous Mobile Apps With Sencha Mobile Development

Sencha mobile development makes use of the promising technology to create apps with native look and feel. These apps result in a great user-experience by matching the look and feel of targeted platforms.

Sencha Mobile Development

Sencha emerges as a leader in the world of HTML5 development for designing both mobile and desktop applications. It is leading MVC-based JavaScript framework for developing cross-platform mobile applications. Known for over 50 built in UI components, Sencha provides a great platform to design mobile apps that look appealing on all touch screen devices. A great user experience across multiple devices, platforms and desktops is the need of the hour. It is very important to deliver a sparkling, interactive and visitor-engaging presence on the web. With a rich and robust platform, Sencha mobile development solves all your present web needs.

Sencha offers world class theming capabilities to design applications that feature a native look for different mobile platforms like Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS and so on. All these platforms comprise about 95% of mobile traffic. The use of custom themes delivers a rich experienced as expected by users. Sencha technology makes use of adaptive layouts and animations to ensure pixel-perfection. Featuring a powerful data package, Sencha mobile development decouples UI widgets from data layers to offer features like filtering and sorting. This data package consumes data from a back-end source and is completely protocol skeptic.

Being an application that functions completely well across every mobile platform, Sencha touch also integrates fully with Phonegap/Cordova in order to access device features. This framework supports the Phonegap technology to get access to device’s camera and Accelerometer. Sencha is a high-performance mobile application framework that allows developers to create fast and impressive apps. The sensational features of Sencha touch make it one of the preferable platform to develop hybrid applications with the highest level of flexibility and optimization. If you are looking for high-performance apps with reduced development time and rich user-interface, Sencha is a technology that will leave no stone unturned to render appealing web applications for multiple devices.

The advantages of hiring a well-recognized Sencha mobile development company provides a rich set of benefits like-

  1. Extremely responsive web applications- Applications built using Sencha are interactive, responsive and work across universal devices to establish an online venture that is thriving and captivating.

2. Cross-platform compatibility- In order to make user experience consistent, smoother and better across all major platforms, Sencha comes with cross-platform dependency. These apps certify high productivity, decreased costs and enhanced quality to elevate the productivity of an online business.

So, hiring Sencha app development team ensures you delivering apps that exceed your expectations while accelerating returns.