Missile Defense Agency’s plan on laser weapon

According to the missile defense agency spokesman ,their burning laser weapon endpoint is low power laser for missile defense recently. This low power research will lay the foundation for the use of high-power laser weapon in 20s to achieve boost phase intercept”. The low power laser also revealed with the current work of the power level is currently being carried out only in the near future to provide the ability to target tracking and identification.

Latest plan of laser weapon

Directed energy roadmap for the missile defense agency, the Council is still continuing to invest in a variety of high power laser weapon( 5000mw Laser ) technology, this investment will continue until fiscal year 2019. If you can successfully deploy the output power of hundreds of kilowatts of laser weapons, anti missile UAV will assume the original idea of a large civil aviation based platform borne by the platform to take on the task of anti missile.

According to the Australian daily space network recently reported that, despite the unmanned airborne laser anti missile program has been updated, but the technical and tactical challenges still exist. The United States and the United States Missile Defense Secretary Xu Lin said, the missile defense agency will take the gradual, step by step and knowledge-based approach”. In order to reduce the risk, the laser power used in the ground test is 150 kW. Until 2018 -2019 years, the missile defense agency to start alternative review, when the most promising technology will be selected. Then, the low power laser verifier about flight in 2021.

Missile defense agency’s plan

Missile defense agency is now supporting the development of solid state and electric 1000mw Laser Pointer weapons, its working wavelength is shorter, can achieve more energy intensive beams. The enabling technology has been available, but the power to weight ratio needs to be improved. He said, we need to improve the power level, reduce the system size. We need to achieve better than 5 kg / kW of power density, so as to obtain a feasible solution in terms of working height and range “. The missile defense agency is developing three types of laser weapons, one is the diode pumped alkali metal laser weapon (DPAL), the two is the fiber laser weapon, and the three is the industry proposed competitive technology.

As a contrast, the power weight ratio of the YAL-1A used by the chemical laser weapon is only 55 kg / kW, while the current fiber synthetic laser weapon and the level of the DPAL prototype are only 35–40 kg / kw. Solid state 30000mw Laser weapons and electric laser weapons have made enough progress, so that we can now seek to achieve the laser weapons we need to achieve a compact solution. UAV design has made great progress, how to make the aircraft flew to the sky, there are many approaches, to me this height is 6 million square feet (18288 m) above.

The third including spectroscopy and coherent combined laser beam to achieve high power level, compact planar waveguide laser technology, and general atomics for Project Office of the defense advanced research projects, U. S. Department of Defense (DARPA) “high energy liquid laser area defense system, HELLADS development liquid cold shaped laser technology.

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