X-Men Laser Glasses

In the “X — men” (X-Men) series of fictions, he has a pair of red light can emit huge destructive eyes.Now, foreign DIY lover brought this high powered laser glasses into reality.The glasses can make irradiated object combustion.With the rapid development of smart wearable devices, there are a lot of game player laserGlasses.

Patrick from Germany (Patrick Priebe) using a portable burning laser which called LaserEyes laser glasses, to paid tribute to the X-Men X.Patrick uses custom goggles as the foundation, combined with highly efficient HTPOW Laser that can burn the skin, it is also known as “mad and dangerous”.LaserEyes also set up a weak laser as the target indicator, it can also make the wearer look more cool.

The easiest way to make laser sword

You don’t need to buy all kinds of Military Laser Pointer , welding equipment assembling laser sword do not need to spend a lot of time to study how to make the sword light emitting laser, only need to use your imagination, Adaptive Saber Parts kit laser sword can let you create your own laser sword easily.

Although the laser glasses is very cool, but because of security problems, Patrick still can not be put into market.In order to avoid unnecessary risks, LaserEyes laser glasses was built a safety lock.Patrick Priebe says it is not good to wear,and need to be further improved.I hope LaserEyes laser glasses owns a good modification and avoid unnecessary and dangerous.

Optical balance measurement (OTM) is a patented technology of OTM company, the relevant action uses this 1000mw Laser Pointer to measure the surface of almost all 3D laser interferometer sensor, and produce a lively natural handwriting HD content.The Phree device is mainly using OTM technology, therefore, this device is capable of measuring the sensor tip movements, and even can be used as a biological measurement tool of ID, because the device not only can analyze the user’s handwriting, but also can analyze the user’s way of writing.

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