Great article, did not realize I could get contrast info inside the developer tools. I often feel that getting color contrast nailed at the beginning of a project is not as hard as when the project starts to take on multiple contributors and more and more UI get added, would be interesting to know if there are any tools that can help you scale with a project or if it's just a lot of attention to detail.

At Tesla, I came up with an idea to hold monthly Web Development meetups where employees could learn from each other and the external community. We wanted to create better cross-team collaboration, identify sharing opportunities, and identify and leverage best practices. I want to share my story with the hope of inspiring more communication within and across other companies.

The idea came to me after noticing a lack of events and forums where co-workers could talk about front end development. These meetups were immensely valuable for me and for many of the members of our team.

Tesla and Google engineers networking (Tesla factory tour)

Our plan to get people together

Our original idea was…


Eric Bishard, Developer Advocate KendoReact, Fremont, CA

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