Okay, finally commenting here after about a dozen people have shared this with me.
Gayle Laakmann McDowell

I have been asked by Google in an interview to write out an algorithm to brute force a password on the white board, and he wasn’t kidding when he also said he would be typing it out on his MAC as I was writing it. The way he saw it, the program should run perfectly without errors, the first time. (I will say he was very clear what he wanted).

If you have been through enough interviews you will find some crazy examples out there. It’s a satire…it’s made to be a tad outlandish. Interesting that you decided to hammer the selection of his example instead of commenting on one of the later points he makes…you know the one that should be close to home for you? (to be clear we are talking about the cyclical issue between interviewers asking technical questions that only a fraction of a tech company needs to worry about and the authors that makes books so the masses can memorize that answer set. Only to now have the recruiters fighting back that if we answer with something close to what is found in those books they write us off as just memorizing answer sets and not actually knowing what is going on)

That paragraph is a bit verbose; something more to the point: he did mention the flaw of whiteboard interviewing, from the company’s standpoint…it...is…your…book.