Life Marker 34

View from the crow’s nest at Camp Bao Chicka Wow Wow 3:15&D — Burning Man 2016

I’m laying on the floor watching Hazel bounce in her play center. She bounces while practicing her Beijing opera singing. It’s amazing how much activity and change there has been this past year.

Here are some tips that have helped me navigate forward:

  1. Happy wife, happy life.
  2. Generosity doesn’t have a scoreboard.
  3. Happiness is a state of mind.
  4. Willpower gets stronger the more you use it.
  5. Abstain from alcohol. Double down on the herb.
  6. Do more by doing more.
  7. Practice an attitude of gratitude.
  8. Everyday is an opportunity to learn and level up.
  9. Go wide for context but dive deep for expertise.
  10. Ego gets in the way.
  11. Embody positivity and transfer it through hugs.
  12. There is plenty of room at the table for motivated and humble people.
  13. Be patient.
  14. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.
  15. It’s more enjoyable winning with a team.
  16. More sunrises, more sunsets.