Week 2-Meeting people

Throughout this week, I met a guy on the bus back home on Friday. He was born in the America and lived in India for a long period time and came back for college. He currently in enrolled in College of Science and Engineer, and pursue his major on computer science. We discussed about what we do in the future, what is our hobby, and what is our plan for this year. It is surprised to see that he love to play video game as much as I do. He currently unable to drive which he take the bus and his family members will pick him up at the bus station. I forgot to ask his name because I was in a hurry to leave the bus while his bus stop is after mine. It is nice to see that I can meet different kinds of people when I commute. It kept me from getting bore, and entertaining me while riding the bus. Also, riding the bus gives me an opportunity to study or to sleep on the bus.

P.S. I do not like to take picture, please forgive me, and I will try to take picture next time.

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