Week 3-At Campus(PES office)

I met a guy named Cole in the PES office. He was doing his homework at the moment and I decided to talk to him. He currently enrolled in college of Liberal Art and a commuter like me. He usually walk to the bus stop and take a bus, then to the train, and go to his classes. But today he woke up late and drove to the U instead. He is from Roosevelt which south Minneapolis. He work after school and maybe on the weekend, sounds like me, but I only work on the weekend. He usually listen to music and doing homework while riding the bus and train. His hobby is hang out with friends and sometime workout at the gym. Because he work too much and he cannot find time for his hobby. He is still undecided for his major, but he is thinking about major in sociology in criminal deviance. Then the time is up and we walk to class. It is hard to find time to do something in the campus, because you have to manage your time and have to take a bus or drive back home.

When I drove back home, I felt that I missing out of the campus community. I miss out working with friends to prepare for the midterm, chilling and sharing our experience that the U has offer, and helping each other when struggle come. Commuting is hard and I have to find time to make up what I missed!

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