Week 8- Overall Benefit

The struggle is real, but life have to keep moving forward. Many high school senior students are struggle to decide to live on campus or at home, especially the students come from a low income family. I found an article, “My mom is my R.A.: 10 perks of being a commuter student,” wrote by Jennifer Retter. Her argument for living at home are very similar to my list. Let’s compare it,

  1. Your mom is your R.A., and your roommate is your cat

My parents are very helpful who provide me breakfast before school and wake me up if my alarm did not wake me up. My parents always remind me do well in school which kept me from slacking. I don’t have any pets which is no distraction at all.

2. You’re more likely to avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15”

After I stayed in school for exams at night like two time now, I always went to get food and the food are not healthy at all. The food options are limited when I am tight with my budget. Homemade food are the best, especially when my mom want to be healthy.

3. There’s no need for shower flip-flops

I enjoy barefoot walking around my home and I don’t want that privilege taking away, because it is a little dirty to walk in the resident hall without shoes on when I go to my friends dorm.

4. No one will judge your stuffed animal collection

Privacy is important when you can have own space, and no one will know your secret habit, except your family.

5. You won’t cry (as hard) when you see your tuition balance

Living at home save a lot of money on food and housing. But you do have to spend on gas money if you drive, and taking the bus is the best option if available.

6. Money saved, new experiences earned

With all the money I saved, I can buy a new computer and help my family to pay some of the bills.

7. The downtime you’ll have in between classes is invaluable

Between class to class, I see people are going back to their dorm. But for me, I used those time to do my homework, study for quizzes, test, and exam.

8. You can get involved

People believe that commuters are not going to be involve with college activities, but not true, because you can stay after your classes, but going home late.

9. You’ll never have the “party house”

I do not like party anyway, so I do not really care about it. Also, going to too much parties will me make less efficient to learn in classes and stay behind.

10. You will make friends

I made commuter friends and share their experience traveling to school. Also, I made dorm friends and they want to live at home to save money, but they want to live on campus, because they believe on campus is the only option to access college experience.

There are pros and cons either living at home or live on campus, it is up to you decide which one is best for you. Traveling to school is pain, but money would give you more options to spend if money is not coming from your parents’ pocket.

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