Injury —The Story

During my tenth grade’s winter vacation, I sprained my ankle when playing basketball. At that moment, I felt a sudden and extreme pain that forced me to sit on the ground. Thoughts immediately appear within my head, one after another: how can I move, how am I going to cram school next week, and how my mom is going to blame me for being so careless etc. My friend lifted me up and carried me to the nearby bench, and my emotion dropped suddenly when I thought my bones might also be injured. However, I felt relieved when the doctor told me all I had to do is to rest. Nevertheless, I still felt bad because my injury won’t allow me to play basketball for one month.

When the school started, I was still unable to walk, so I used crutches for two weeks. It is when I understand how inconvenient it is when there is only one leg available, and everything you do will cost extra effort. I was even angry about myself and the inconvenience the injury caused, because everything I did was like slow-mo and wasted a lot of time. I once thought not to do anything anymore, because of the inconvenience not only to me but also to others.

After a few days of school, Chinese orchestra was required to perform on stage in front of the school. Although I was one of the member that was going to perform, I was quite reluctant due to my injury. I wanted to ask the teacher could I not perform on stage, but I didn’t. Because I know their’s definitely a reason for teacher to select me instead of others, and that’s why I should go on to stage and perform.

During the previous night of performance, I kept telling myself that I can do it, but I still couldn’t imagine how would it be for me to go on stage with crutches in front of almost all students and teachers in school. And I felt extremely anxious about what is going to happen on the next day, and hoped that I could walk with my feet at the same time. Just a minute before I fell asleep, Kobe’s word appeared in my mind, “We don’t quit, we don’t cower, we don’t run. We endure and conquer.” These words not only gave me the power to face the challenge, but also inspired me not to quit whenever I face obstacles. The performance went well, although I was still a bit nervous for playing in front of such a huge crowd.

After this incident, I started to be prudent and focus on everything I do, hoping same kind of thing won’t happen anymore. Most importantly, I become both mentally and physically stronger, and still be able to move on under harsh conditions and huge pressure.

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