How do I use different types of productive apps?

There are many kinds of GTD apps for us to choice: calendars, todo lists, Pomodoro techniques and collaboration tools. Each has its pros and cons in different usage scenarios.

Our life is so complex, just use a specific category of the app may not meet our demand well, so we need to learn to use various apps at the same time and switch smoothly.

To make things easier, we can split those apps to different categories according to some standards or rules. For me, I think to choose the duration and usage scenarios of tasks as my standard.

Having a clear rule, everything in my life will be in good order. It’s easy to tell apps apart from their scenarios, for example, we can choose some apps to use in work hours, and the reset may be used in daily life. Based on this rule, I use MeisterTask and Pomotodo to track my working process, in my daily life, I use TickTick, Sunrise Calendar, WizNote and Evernote to keep track my life.

According to the duration of Tasks, for short-term and informal tasks I use TickTick as a reminder, for those long-term, formal tasks and plans I use Sunrise Calendar to schedule my time.

Now, I’ve been applying these rules and standards for a while, I have a clear mind of where and how much my time spent on, just as money tracking does.