How I redesigned the Emerson Suite Help Center in Zendesk

The Emerson Suite Help Center is a knowledge library that provides helps for the Emerson Suite users. It reduced the time and stress for the user to find the answers they need with well organized information structure and easy to use user interface. My role was to research, design and test all UIs related to the project. I collaborated with design, product development and engineering to launch this project.


Project Duration: 2 x 2 week sprints

My Role: UX/UI Designer,

Team: Product…


When I first joined the team, I showed my friends the product I was going to be working on. One of the comments I can’t get away from is “it looks like a poorly edited PDF document”. But it’s actually an app, a cloud-based web app. That’s how bad it was and what really excited me.

Dun Huang

👨🏻‍💻 UX/UI Designer 📍 Toronto 🔗

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