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Common Themes

The Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design (Shneiderman, 2016), Principals in Interface Design (Porter), and Core Principles of UI Design (Portman, 2016) all have a range of similar concepts about interface design.

Some of the key concepts are keeping consistency in your design. Elements in your product should look and stay the same, and try to keep similar colors, themes, icons throughout the product. Another idea is that you have to ensure that users feel in control, meaning that they feel that they can navigate the product confidently because they can find familiar signifiers in your product. The authors also share that designs need to be flexible. In other words, designers need to take a look at each of their audience members. Design a website or product that is compatible with different formats; mobile and tablets applications are rising in popularity and are not to be overlooked.

Interface Design Example

Take a look a live example of what modern day design should look like. Take for example, the color schemes are simple and keeps a consistent overall look throughout the page. There are points where Portman notes are crucial; a stylish edge to keep the modern day user gratified., January 24, 2017

You can imagine that wired must gather a large audience to keep their company successful. They have to design their website such that it is accessible to those on any platform, such as an Apple iPhone or iPad. Most users do not notice this, but if you minimize your browser, the page with automatically change so it is easier to access their site. Wired does this because they need their pages to be mobile-friendly, or flexible, so that they can reach out to the most readers!, January 24,2017 - A Mobile-friendly page
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