Kuan Huang
Feb 22, 2019 · 1 min read

A common framework that I use to evaluate a business idea is to try to answer following questions:

  1. What problem are we solving?
  2. Who are suffering from this problem not being solved?
  3. How big is the problem?
  4. How miserable people’s life would become if we don’t provide the solution to this problem?

Going through that exercise helps me pinpoint the group of people that will mostly likely PAY me and pay me A LOT hopefully.

Graduating from an art school myself, I am not sure if that’s the framework that mot artists go through before creating art works (Maybe that’s not the right framework for art creations). And that directly leads to the issue you are trying to solve: Who the heck is gonna pay for it?

Thinking out loud here: What if artists take the same framework and replace the word “problem” with “inspiration”, “material impact” or something else before creating their work? Maybe that will help us get closer to the solution?

Mumbles from a failed artist. LOL

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