The way things actually work

Through my life I have always been trying so hard to get something, to achieve something, to own something and to control something. And yet things might not always be the way we wanted them to be. Sometimes, we got frustrated, and sometimes, we try harder and other times we just simply give up.

As I am driving to work this morning, I think I’ve founded the reason why things won’t run as the way we desired and planned.

The reason, is quite simple, this is not how the world works. This is not the mathematical model of the world, this is not the physics model of the world and this will never follow the probabilistic of the world.

You can never actually control something, and you can never actually own something, you can never get something all by yourself. This is the wrong way of thinking and it is not how this universe works.

Any achievement and happenings in this universe is caused by something between several million to billions to one probability or ‘ Winning ratio’. This is how everyone has been born to this world. A fertilized egg takes millions of sperm and just one egg. And even so, it won’t work sometime. It has been forever for this world and it will always be like this FOREVER!

The only thing we can do, is to build up a trend, a force, a structure, an sustainable model, like a waterfall. You will always get the water down the waterfall if there is water and a fall! So use your force and energy to just build up such a thing, and let the magic of nature to get everything else done! Once the trend is there, there is no stopping you to get there! This is the smart way, and this is the only way.