When It Comes to China, Google’s Experience Still Says It All
Steven Levy

The fate of Uber China is no different from other local Chinese companies who are in the number two position in a race. The lack of patience from both of Uber and DiDi’s investors drove the merger so that they can become profitable for closer IPOs. You can easily observe the same pattern from other mergers of Didi and KuaiDi, Dazhong Dianping and Meituan, Meilishuo and Mogujie in the Chinese Internet industry. These mergers have given their investors quicker return. Uber is no different from these other Chinese companies. In fact, Uber has done localization extremely well in China. Uber China’s data and servers stay within China to meet Chinese regulations. It is true that Uber worked hard in China, but it does not guarantee success. The capital behind both companies does not fight for pride or care about whether it is a global company or a Chinese company.

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