Hiking Near Kunming

Our students and staff recently took a trip to one of the highest mountains around Kunming. Taking a break from learning Chinese in Kunming and hitting the mountains was much appreciated for everyone working hard on their language level.

Jiaozi Mountain

The mountain in question is Jiaozi mountain which translated to English is Sedan Chair mountain ( apparently ). We set off at 7am and arrived at the foot around 3 hours later. From the mountain entrance area we took a bus up some nerve wrecking roads to the start of the hike. This area is around 3,000m above sea level. The peak stands at an impressive 4,233m altitude. This height can induce sensitive people to altitude sickness so please prepare well if you want to follow in our footsteps.

A lake above 3,200m

Along the way we saw sheep, birds and numerous beautiful frozen waterfalls. After a steep climb punctuated with numerous stops to enjoy the beautiful views we arrived at a plateau. On arrival we took in the beauty of the area and planned our next move.

Views from 4,200m

From the plateau area there is another steep climb to the highest point on Jiaozi mountain.

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