The Investor’s Hub is created to be a closed community of people with a unifying interest of growing their income via legitimate, sustainable and reliable investment vehicles available in the financial and business market.


The key aims and objectives of the Hub are presented below:

  1. To source and distribute investment opportunities that will be beneficial to members of the Hub.
  2. To provide investment advice and valuation of Fixed Income Securities.
  3. To feature businesses seeking investment and advising members of the Hub on how they can invest.
  4. To provide assistance for members of the Hub in need of Start-up valuation.

The Hub is presently available as a group on the popular messaging app (WhatsApp) and it is moderated by the Admins. For the sake of orderliness and decorum, we have some ground rules members are expected to abide by when on-boarded. These are listed below and will be updated if the need to do so arises.


  1. No soliciting for financial aid in the group.
  2. No advertising of Products & Businesses in the Group.
  3. Members are to conduct themselves professionally and with decency in the group.
  4. As this is strictly an investment focused group, members are required to desist from posting religious and political themed messages.
  5. Addition of new members shall be done at the start of every week and a Link to this post shall be shared. It is the responsibility of every new member to read these ground rules and abide by same.
  6. The Admins have the privilege of removing any member who flouts any of the laid down rules after a warning strike is ignored.

We are excited by the the prospects of what this group can help the members achieve and we look forward to welcoming as many people that are interested in being a part of us.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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