AWS Certifications: Points You Need to Follow to Build Your Career

AWS certification or Amazon Web Services is one of the hottest IT certification now-a-days. However, it will become more significant in the nearest future. In recent days, AWS has established an astounding edge to the public cloud market. First of all, let’s know about AWS.

What is AWS?

AWS as an Amazon Web Services is a cloud service platform. It helps small, mid, and large scale business grow and establish themselves by endeavoring numerous features. These are offering computer power, database storage, content delivery including all other facilities that are required by any business to settle themselves.

It is gaining popularity among millions of customers as AWS cloud products and solutions build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Why Choose AWS Certification for Your Career?

Even though, AWS has a lot of active tough competitors lists such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Engine, and Rackspace; yet it is one of the most prominent cloud platforms today. Let’s know the reasons of getting it popularity.

Reasons Why AWS certifications are Hot in Job Market?

AWS certification is the trendiest in the current cloud oriented job market because of:

· Dire Need of Skilled Cloud Engineer: Currently, the market has lots of requirement of skilled cloud developers, engineers, and architects. Because of the shortage of experts, it is very much in demand to fill the vacant positions.

· Emerged with the Latest and Industry Oriented Skills: It stands out unique among so many other certifications because of its toughness, rigor, consistency, and appropriateness for a critical job role.

Why you should do AWS Certification?

§ Emphasize on sound conceptual knowledge of entire platform

§ Hands on Experience with AWS Infrastructure

§ Expertise on AWS’s many unique and complex components and services

Moreover, when an employer sees your AWS certification, he knows you are qualified with the required knowledge. Being a most prestigious certification among cloud industry, it gives you the job guarantee in the cloud market. Apart from this, the cloud is a growing industry and continues to grow in future. So, the scope of the technology can never be less.

The Popular AWS Certifications

Presently, AWS offers five certifications that are famous among the industry experts as well

Ø AWS Certified Developer — Associate

Ø AWS Certified SysOps Administrator — Associate

Ø AWS Certified DevOps Engineer — Professional

Ø AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate

Ø AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Professional

Basically, there are three ground level Associate exams including two advanced level certifications under a category of professional certifications. For Associate level certifications, there is no prerequisite to hold any certification in your hand. However, for professional level certifications, you must be qualified at Associate level.

In addition, Amazon does not ask you any proof of your actual experience for the Associate level certification process. Anyhow, it reflects all your depth, critical, and typical range of knowledge that can be gain only through hands on experience with AWS services.

Therefore, it’s better you should contact a right training partner who can equip you with the required knowledge in the domain. It is equally important that your training institute helps you in enough theoretical knowledge as well along with hands on experience. Moving ahead, you may contact with Hub4tech that is a leading name in the industry of providing quality training. We have several industry experts to take care of your all training requirement.

Why Hub4Tech for Your Next Training?

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