The best portable software testing framework for web applications


Selenium is the best portable framework for testing web applications. This software provides the best recording, playback tool which must be used by all the users to author tests in a large number of programming languages. The list of the above-mentioned programming languages includes Java, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, C#, Perl. Additionally, the tests can be run against other modern web browser platforms. The Selenium works on the operating system platforms like Linux, Macintosh and Windows platforms. This particular software can be downloaded and used absolutely free of charge.

There are five components for Selenium each of which has been described right below:-

1. The Selenium IDE:- Using the Selenium Integrated Desktop Environment all the users will be able to carry out recording, editing and debugging tests as a Firefox Add-On software. The scripts might be automatically recorded and edited fully manually by providing an auto-completion support service and the full ability to move all the commands around quickly and in an effective manner.

2. Selenium Client API:- Another alternative to writing of tests in Selenium, the can be written in other well known programming languages like Java, C#, Python and Ruby. These languages provide all the users with an alternative to being writing the tests in the Selenese language.

3. Selenium Remote Control:- The Selenium Remote Control happens to be a server which is written in Java and then accepts all the commands for the online web browser via the HTTP. This makes it possible to write automated tests for the web applications in any programming language. In order to make the writing of the tests, even easier the Selenium project provides all the client drivers for PHP, Python, Ruby,NET, Perl and Java.

4. Selenium Grid:- The Selenium Grid happens to be a server that allows tests to use the web browser in instances of running on other separate remote machines. The tests which have been written allow us to contact the hub to obtain access to browser instances.

5. Selenium Web Driver:- This driver is implemented through a successor to the Selenium PC. The Selenium WebDriver accepts and sends the commands and happens to be sending them the browser. This is implemented through a browser-specific browser driver, which sends all commands to a browser and the retrieves the results.

The steps which have been written below can be followed by all the users to Install Selenium HQ on your computer:-

1. Go to Google and type in Selenium HQ on the Google Search link.

2. Once you have entered the above-mentioned keyword and searched through the links then you will be getting the search results about the Selenium HQ.

3. Once the above-mentioned page has opened up the web page of Selenium had opened up then simply click on the button which reads as “Downloads”.

4. Then a long list of plugins having the Selenium ID will provided for all the users to make use of and download. Now you will be able to see for yourself which all Selenium related page you need to see and download according to your choice.

5. Just click on the Selenium download link which you wish to download and start the download and installation process.

Selenium Interview Questions

1. Describe how you can start the Selenium RC from the command line?

2. On the machine on which I am working the port 4444 is not free? How can I use another port?

3. How can we connect the Database from Selenium?

4. What are the locators which are available in Selenium RC?

5. Describe the steps of verifying an object which is present in multiple pages?

6. Elaborate on the difference between single and double splash in X path?

7. Have you written any user Extensions?

8. What is the correct method of verifying the presence of an element after the page has been successfully been uploaded?

9. How can you describe the Selenium Grid in the best possible manner?

10. Write about the method of writing multiple popups in selenium?

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