Short Letters to My MP and My MLA

Here are my short letters to my MP and MLA who is representing the area that I live in. I don’t plan to send these letters to them, since I don’t consider them to be serious enough.

Letter to MP Len Webber, MP for Calgary Confederation

Dear MP Len Webber,

You are representing a riding with a university in it — a place full of people who know statistics. So sending your constituents with loaded questions can come across as insulting. I have learned that you used the result in making the decision of voting against the bill to amend the national anthem. I would like to inform you that using the result of loaded questions is probably a bad idea.

However, your advocacy for better blood donation access for gay men is quite noble. Although it is easier for gay men to donate blood, the restriction is still quite disappointing: the men must abstain for a year before they can donate. I hope that you will agree that this is unfair. It is unfair, because it does not address the actual root of the ban: people who practice unsafe sex. I hope you will agree with me on this: the blood coming from a monogamous homosexual person in a committed relationship is probably safer than the one coming from a straight person who practices casual sex with multiple partners.

I also would like you to review other blood requirements as well. I am a person who frequently visits “a malaria” zone. This means that I am frequently ineligible to donate blood. I find this barrier to be extreme since I never have contracted malaria and I am currently malaria-free. I believe that there should be a mechanism that allows otherwise ineligible people to become eligible. An ineligible person should be able to obtain a doctor’s note which allows him or her to address any ineligibility.

Letter to Honorable Stephanie McLean, MLA for Calgary-Varsity

Dear Honorable Stephanie McLean,

You are trying to reign in the exploitative payday loan industry. And you are also the Minister of Women Status. I am aware that being a woman in politics can be extremely challenging. I would like to thank you for your service.

I have witnessed many online attacks on you and other female politicians such as Premier Rachel Notley. It is ironic that such a modern tool like Twitter is being used to advance regressive and outdated philosophies. For instance, there are too many Tweets criticizing you bringing your son, Patrick, to work.

And yes, I am proud to have a MLA who is the Minister of Status of Women, and the first MLA to gives birth while in office as a minister.

Keep up the good work!

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