5 New HubSpot COS Platform Features That Every Marketer Should Be Aware Of:-

Hello.! And Welcome to another edition of our blog series where we discuss some of the most common problems, tips & tricks, and latest trends and innovations related to the HubSpot COS Platform. Today, we’re going to shift our focus on some of the new features of HubSpot COS that every marketer should have the knowledge of. But, before going into the details of that, you all need to know what is HubSpot COS and for what reasons, this platform bursts onto the scene. Only after knowing that in detail, you will be able to understand the features of HubSpot COS.

Now, as you all know that, we all are living in the 21st century which is an era of digitalization and innovations. The Digital Revolution which took place in the starting of the century has completely changed the way business is being conducted nowadays. In the earlier times, there was a massive trend of Traditional Marketing. What was happening in the Traditional Marketing is that business owners used to give an Ad for their products or services on the TV OR in the newspaper. This way, they were able to generate a brand awareness among the audience, for sure.

But, in today’s time, all those tactics won’t work at all. Today, Traditional Marketing has paved a way for the Digital Marketing tactics and therefore, as a business owner, it becomes important to employ the Digital Marketing tactics for your business. Without doing that, you will be left behind your competitors sooner rather than later. The reason behind that is, Digital Marketing tactics allows you to have an online presence of your business and as you know that, when you a strong presence of your business, there’s a chance that you will be able to generate more revenue.

As the field of Digital Marketing has evolved with the time, more and more new techniques as well the tactics have come into the picture. All these techniques, as well as the tactics, have helped the business owners to market their business in an effective manner and therefore, it becomes important for all the business owners to have knowledge about the latest updates. Now, one of the tactics that have caught the attention of marketers across the globe is the method of Inbound Marketing. In the last few years or so, Inbound Marketing has really come into its own.

Basically, Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and branding. Now, instead of implementing all these tactics, if you can have a tool which manages all these things, then how nice that would be. That’s where the role of HubSpot COS comes into the picture, as it is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps the companies attract the customers. Due to all these advantages, HubSpot Platform is in massive demand & you all should know about it.

After reading the above section, you must have got an idea about what do you mean by HubSpot COS and for what reasons, it came into the picture. But, the question that still remains is that, What are the new features of HubSpot COS Platform that every marketer should be aware of? Are you worried? Then, don’t be so.

Today, I’m going to give you the list of 5 new features of HubSpot COS Platform which will make your job much easier than ever before. So, why wait for anything special to happen? Let’s get straight into the action and analyze each feature one-by-one.

[1.] Campaign Reporting:-

If you’re someone who is working as a developer or as a designer in a HubSpot COS Web Development company, then you must be knowing about some new analysis metrics that have come into the play. Now, you can view sessions, influenced contacts, deals, and revenue in a visual chart. In addition to all that, you can now compare the multiple campaigns, which is great.

[2.] Shopify Integration:-

As a developer who has the experience of working on many HubSpot COS Development projects, you must be knowing about the brand new feature of Shopify Integration which is introduced in the HubSpot COS Platform. Therefore, as a business owner, now you can use the data of your Shopify e-commerce website into HubSpot and create a great marketing campaign.

[3.] Content Strategy Tool:-

If you’re someone who has the experience of working on many PSD To HubSpot COS projects, you must be knowing that there is brand new content strategy tool which has been introduced into the HubSpot COS. The tools allow the marketers to plan their content for the promotion. Main features of this tool are Topic Suggestion, Content Optimization, and Performance Reports.

[4.] Account-Based Marketing:-

As a HubSpot COS Designer who has the experience of working on many HubSpot COS web development project, you must be knowing that, HubSpot Platform now provides the support for Account-Based Marketing (ABM). This kind of approach allows the marketers to target the specific audience & adds a touch of personalization to the marketing campaign, without a doubt.

[5.] Conversations:-

If you’re someone who has handled PSD To COS conversion projects, you must be knowing that customer conversations play an integral role in any marketing campaign. Till now, there was no way to track customer conversations. But, in 2018, HubSpot has introduced a new feature of conversations which will store messages from customers and potential customers at one location.

Final Thoughts…

After reading thousands of blogs, analyzing hundreds of surveys and conducting the meeting with various marketing experts across the world, I have made a list of 5 new HubSpot COS Platform features that every marketer should have the knowledge of.

I hope that, after reading this article, you will be aware of the 5 new HubSpot COS Platform features that every marketer should have the knowledge of which will eventually help you in the future when you’re dealing with any HubSpot COS Web Development project in the near future. Thank You.!

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