6 Overused Words That You Should Avoid Using In Your LinkedIn Profile To Make It Stand Out From The Rest:-

Hello.! All and welcome to another edition of our blog where we discuss the latest trends and innovations related to business, marketing, sales, customer experience and latest technologies. Today, we’re going to focus on LinkedIn profile and the reason for that is, LinkedIn profile plays an integral in defining your business and building your brand on the social media. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it is not a typical social media network, it’s a professional network where you can establish relationships with the various customers.

Now, we all know that 21st century is an era of latest technology, innovations, and digitization. Today, if you ask any business owner about how he/she plans to market his/her product or service, then they will surely tell you that, Digital Marketing is the way forward. In the last few years, Traditional Marketing tactics have made its way for the Digital Marketing and therefore, it becomes important for all the business owners to adopt these tactics. Without doing that, you will not be able to survive in today’s highly competitive market where there’s cut-throat competition.

As the Digital Marketing has evolved over the years, plenty of new tactics have come into the market which has really transformed the way business is being conducted. One of the tactics that got very popular was Social Media Marketing. Earlier social media was only considered as a platform for fun, but nowadays, it has become an integral part of marketing the products. The reason for that is the wide reach of these platforms, which you will not get anywhere else.

One of the platforms that have caught the eyes of the marketers around the globe is LinkedIn. In the last few years, LinkedIn has emerged as the no.1 professional network in the world and it is believed by many industry experts that, if you can manage your LinkedIn profile in an efficient manner, then you will surge ahead of your competitors. Therefore, as a business owner, it becomes really important for you to know how to set a great LinkedIn profile.

Now, every one of you may be knowing that what kind of language or tone I should use in my LinkedIn profile, but very few of maybe knowing that which are the overused words that you should avoid using in your LinkedIn profile.

Are you worried about how to know these words? Then, don’t be so. Today, I’m going to give you a list of 6 overused words that you should avoid using in your LinkedIn profile. SO, why wait for anything to happen? Let’s get straight into the thick of things and analyze each word one-by-one.

[1.] Specialize:-

Specialize means to have a special skill in a particular area. Now, if you’re using this word in your LinkedIn profile, then you’re in trouble mate. By looking at your whole profile anyone can guess that what field you specialize in. You don’t have to mention the word “Specialize” to get the people’s attention. Just describe, what kind of work you do and people will automatically understand your mastery, without a pinch of a doubt.

For ex: If you’ve worked as a Web Designer in the IT field, then you should write “I’m a senior Web Designer having an experience of 6 years.”

[2.] Skilled:-

Skilled means to have the knowledge, credentials, and experience to perform a particular task successfully. But, when it comes to LinkedIn profile, you should avoid using this word as it will give create a doubt in people’s mind about what you actually do. Instead of that, describe in simple words, what you can do and for how many numbers of years, you’re doing it successfully.

For ex: You should write “For the last 5 years, I have to help many clients in solving their problems related to taxation.” rather than saying “I’m highly skilled CA.”

[3.] Experienced:-

Experienced means you’re working for a long time in a particular industry or market. Now, when it comes to LinkedIn profile, using this word won’t work at all. The reason for that it, if you use experienced, people won’t be able to know the exact kind of work you can do. Instead of that, state that points that gives the proof of your high-quality experience in the industry or market.

For ex: You should write “I have been working in real estate since the 10 years and I help various people to buy their dream home at affordable rates.”

[4.] Passionate:-

Passionate means you’re excited and dedicated towards your work and money is not the only reason for which you’re in a particular field. But, when it comes to LinkedIn profile, you should avoid using this word, as doesn’t give any kind of recognition. Instead of that, describe, why you’re passionate or what are the reasons that made you choose this field as a career option.

For ex: You should write “I’m a content writer because it gives me the freedom to express myself in the best way possible and it enhances my creativity.”

[5.] Leadership:-

Leadership means the ability to guide a bunch of people, whether officially or unofficially. Now, when it comes to the LinkedIn profile, don’t use ‘Leadership’ word in your summary, as it doesn’t tell the people that you’re team leader or manager in a reputed organization. Instead of that, highlight the specific event where you lead the way for the organization and trained people

For ex: You should write “I have led the team of 15 people in order to discuss the latest tactics that we wanted to employ for marketing our product.”

[6.] Motivated:-

Motivated means you’re highly driven and you want to achieve a specific goal. But, when it comes to the LinkedIn profile, this word can be really misguiding for the people, as don’t get any value out of it. So, instead of using “Motivated” word, always describe an event, where you have raised the bar and push the limits, in order to achieve something great for yourself.

For ex: You should write “I have completed 20 marathons in my life. My family members, as well as the friends, always think that I’m mad. But, actually, I love to run marathon as it allows me to raise the bar and get out of my comfort zone”

Summing Things…

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did while creating for all you business owners and entrepreneurs out there. After reading this article, you will be aware of which words you should avoid using in your LinkedIn profile which will eventually help in the future when you set your own LinkedIn profile. Thank You.!

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