7 Reasons Why Choose Hubspot Platform For Your Website

Why Development on Hubspot COS

In present time website is a basic need of the business, communication, and marketing. In Hubspot COS you are able to create fully responsive HubSpot websites, Landing pages, Blog and Hubspot templates.

The HubSpot Content Optimization System (COS) is HubSpot’s website development tool for the Hubspot COS developers. The COS is integrated in Hubspot marketing application. So it allows developers to build a fully responsive websites.

1. Responsive Design

Responsive websites are sites that compatible with user’s devices or browsers. It means if you have a tablet, mobile device and computer screen, a responsive website will optimize the content for particular device. Content may be text, image, video or any other information. The Hubspot COS provide functions to design your websites responsive.

Responsive website is the First Priority of visitors or customers. You can build your responsive websites with the Hubspot COS platform. This framework is 12-column grid system to display your website’s responsive.

2. Custom Design

HubSpot COS offers various in-built templates to design a website. That can be use directly without Customization or Coding.

HubSpot COS also allow you to build your own templates using HubSpot Markup Language (HubL). within a Code Editor option for users and developers to create and add more custom specifications to the Hubspot templates or web site.

3. Smart Content

The Content Optimization System (COS) helps you to generate smart content, that is personalized to your customer’s requirements.

HubSpot COS has advanced features that automate responsive design and “smart content” pages that display based on the viewer and its devices.

4. Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly website is best way to get traffic. In today’s scenario, there are lots of people who use mobile phones and access the websites in mobile. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you may lose visitors on website. In fact mobile users say they won’t do business with a poorly designed mobile site.

Create your mobile-friendly and highly responsive website with HubSpot COS. Your website and content (Images, Video, Text) will display perfectly on any size device. HubSpot’s software is mobile-friendly. HubSpot COS automatically creates mobile-friendly versions of your webpages, landing pages and more.

5. Contact Database

Contact database is the back-end “reference library” system that stores information about your contacts and allows you to use that data to improve the way you market, sell and services. The contacts tool in HubSpot is your centralize database for keeping track of all the people and companies that have a relationship with your business.

6. Better SEO Analytic

HubSpot Provides various helpful tools for SEO analytic, including Keyword Research, Rank Tracing and Competitive Analysis. Using these tools you can analize your websites traffic, visitors and much more.

Hubspot is best in reporting, analytic, and tracking. In Hubspot, you can see where a lead came from on your website, how the lead responded to email also you have increased ability to track Returns of investment(ROI).

7. Customer Support

The HubSpot COS supporting team is available 24/7 for you and your team. In HubSpot you don’t have this problem because it has customer support team to help you if something were to go wrong.

The HubSpot engineers are constantly working to make sure the COS is working smoothly across all browsers and browser versions.

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