7 Key Questions to Ask When Building a Local Customer Engagement Plan

What is one of the biggest mistakes local businesses make when creating a Local Customer Engagement Plan to build sales for their location?

It’s driving customers to their location and delivering a horrible experience. That horrible experience can literally take years to overcome — worse, that horrible experience often goes viral — impacting many other customers along the way.

So, before you decide to invest in a local marketing plan for your business, make certain that you’ve established a solid foundation that your Local Customer Engagement and Local Store Marketing efforts can build on. A foundation built on the things most important to your customers. Ask the following questions:

  1. Are you delivering a quality product? Whether it’s a fabulous frappé, a precision-driven oil change or a perfectly prepared order — today’s consumer won’t settle for anything less than great! They simply have too many other options to choose from.
  2. Is your business properly staffed? Do you have the right number of employees to serve your existing customers? Proper staffing is critical to delivering a good customer experience. In today’s always multi-tasking world, no one wants to wait to give you their business.

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