Two most famous words are using now in web design industry which are UX and UI, Which signify for User Experience and User Interface.

Look they sound simple, but there have been lots of misconception and complication regarding to understand their differences in design community. Still rare person knows about what is the exactly mean of these two simple words.

The difference in a abstract

Specifying UX and UI is quite easy. UI/User Interface is the visual aspect of design. It is what you make by photoshop or illustrator.

On the other hand, UX/User Experience is what you do outside. Like you want to know about the user taste, How you do make your users feel about the product? How do you make them feel when they use the product? Are they pleased? displeased? Satisfied?

Another aspect when we see UX design is the process which improve the customer satisfaction and loyalty. This process can be done by enhancing the usability and client interaction with the product. Therefore UX designer also does the job of marketing advisor , as he develops the development and enhancement of product quality which satisfies the clients as well as the business owner.

UI Design is alike to graphic design but sometimes extend to brand design and even front end development. It is most accountable for converting the power of brand to product’s interface to make the user experience much better.

Consider the illustration to understand more about

A few years ago, In market there was nice looking bottle of ketchup available, Every user was using that product. Ketchup industry designed the bottle with narrow top. it is usually be placed upright inside the fridge. When the little amount of ketchup left in the bottle than you have to shake the bottle hard in order to get the ketchup out, this process making bit angry to the user.

When their research team find this problem of users then they decided to change the structure of the bottle with wider top which enables user to placed it upside down so user can easily to get even the little amount of ketchup out by squeezing the bottle. The new design not only solved the problem, but it improved the experience of the user as made them loyal to the product. When we see the new UI of the bottle, looked more impressive and useful.


So, We hope you all are recognised with UX and UI now. Both UX and UI are connected to each other. One cannot exist without other. Besides the clear difference between UX and UI Design, both work together in order to create an interactive media. Moreover they should never run their own but should synchronize in order to achieve success in your design.