New paradigm shift is coming thru technological evolution, especially from connectivity and connected intelligence. What is the key driving forces to the next industrial revolution?

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As the smartphone ecosystem matures, activity trackers, Google Glass, and smartwatch-like wearable devices are pouring out. Unlike the initially optimistic market outlook, markets are changing rapidly, existing players are disappearing behind history, and new players are appearing and history is repeating. There are still many meetings about the need from the user’s point of view. The true wearable big bang is premature and seems to be creating a successful market for wearables. What is the essence of the real wearables we are missing?

The essence of wearables

The biggest barrier to widespread wear is the inconvenience of wearing something. The human body needs time to be patient until it accepts what is unfamiliar. But is wearables worth it to people with that patience? If it can not be valued enough to endure, it can not be selected or selected, and it can not last with people. It’s been a long time since many people have forgotten what they have previously bought in their desk drawers, something called activity trackers or smart watches. …


Hugh Choi

future designer at future designers | innovation catalyst & CEO at LifeSquare | co-founder of Pan Asia Network | technology strategist | Board of CODE| TEDx

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