It’s not just about the playoffs.

If you’ve been following this season, the Warriors have not been playing as well as expected with our modern day Dream Team. We’re 5 & 3 today (as I write this following last night’s win over the Clippers). Many fellow-fan/friends have told me, especially after losses, “well all that matters is the playoffs anyway” but that is so far from my truth. That is what makes me ask myself:

Why on earth do I love this game so much?

No doubt: we are a history-making and history-breaking team. Sure, the playoffs are exciting — best vs best, high-stakes, the all-the-marbles on the table series we all look forward to. Still, for me, it has never been just about the playoffs. How could it be when I am constantly astounded & inspired by our heart, play, and perseverance — both on and off the court?

For me — whether pre-season, regular season, or off-season warmups — watching the dubs play was my only escape. It began as my escape from being called the worst names — s!ut, stup!d, b!tch — an endless list of blows to my self-esteem. Then, my escape from being choked out, from being thrown across rooms, from being punched in the face. My escape from sleeping in my car or at work because I didn’t want to go home.

Watching those incredible players’ heartfelt dance across the court— win or lose — brought me the independence, inspiration, and strength that felt missing on a lot of long, scary days/nights.

This is not easy to write.

Honestly, it’s hard to think about. It’s hard to share. But it’s the last day of October — domestic violence awareness month — and I wanted to write to remind myself of a little something that helped me persevere— even if it was something as trivial as escaping into a basketball game.

Believe me, I know that I am a lucky. I had basketball as my escape (as well as a few incredibly supportive friends. And I did eventually escape the scariest chasms of those nightmares). Though sadly, not everyone does. Sadly, there are a lot of worst case scenarios. Sadly, we don’t feel safe talking about these things out loud. But hopefully, we can get to a place where we’re all more comfortable talking about these topics — hopefully, we can focus these conversations on the advocacy & education that will foster better prevention, safety, & healing for survivors.

Life’s more than just when things are good, y’all. It’s more than just when we’re blissfully on top of the world. It’s more than just the playoffs. Let’s talk about that regular season game when we lost hope in the third quarter and ended up losing by 10 — and most importantly, how we learned and grew from it for the next game.

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