Getting Flexible: Building A Parent-Friendly Workspace

By Gabriela Hersham

Gaby and baby son Jack chilling at Huckletree Shoreditch

Big news: we’re creating a haven for parentrepreneurs at Huckletree West. Here’s why…

This is our moment. We’re building a company that we love. We work with people we choose to work with; intelligent people who teach us new things every day. We work out of the most beautiful workspaces in the world. We pioneer to our own agenda and we have the capacity to drive forward our personal passion projects.

And when I look around me, at my extended social circles, I’m buzzing as I realise how many of my friends — male and female — are co-starring in this dream with me. We are creating, achieving, and yes our work defines us! It is who we are — and not just what we do to make pay. My expanded circle is an exciting rolodex of people doing crazy things that just might work.

Amongst the tech entrepreneurs, Instagram influencers, fashion creators, micro-lifestyle curators, goddess-gathering dreamers, content producers, baby bloggers, podcasters, thought-leaders and inspiring speakers, we are all playing out our life’s mission with our own rules, where no two days are ever the same. And many of these friends of mine are managing to fit something even more incredible into their already-jam packed lives: children.

And then there’s another group of friends, also with children. Those who have been spending the past few years doing the hardest job of all: raising them. Their kids are now starting school, and these Wondermamas and Papas now want to start their own ventures. So many of our friends currently fall into this boat, and we want to be here to support you in this next phase of your journey.

We’ve witnessed their struggle to find flexible workspace where children are welcome and we’re set on offering the solution. At Huckletree West, we’re creating a space where every single type of Power Parent can come together to build, or grow, their empires.

Inside the Kids Studio at Huckletree West

We’re offering Power Parents:

  1. The biggie: child-friendly workspace. Get stuck into your work in our Kids Studio while your little ones get some serious playing sorted.
  2. Need some tot-free time? We’ve teamed up with Huckletree West members bubble, who are connecting parents with babysitters trusted by your friends. Our Power Parents pay zero booking fees per sit, making it even easier to get on with meetings and pitches without a little one on your lap.
  3. You’ll have access to members only workshops, curated events with names including Mumsnet and Mother Pukka and masterclasses to spur your business on and help you gain new skills.
  4. Swapped the buzz of being surrounded by fellow innovators for blitzing vegetables into a baby-friendly feast? This is a loneliness-free zone! Network and collaborate with our community of members, ambassadors and industry leaders such as Mums in Technology Founder June Angelides and Peanut Founder Michelle Kennedy.

We’re Millennials, but we’re growing up. And hey, we may even make a new friend or too in the process.

Want to try out our Power Parents membership?

Get in touch to try out working (and playing!) at Huckletree West.