Affordable Housing Sector 62 Gurgaon

PIVOTAL Afforrdable Housing Coming up With its New Affordable Housing Project in Located at Sector 62 Gurgaon Under HARYANA URBAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (HUDA). Affordable Housing Scheme. PIVOTAL Affordable Applications are Invited General Public for Looking 1BHK or 2BHK Residential Appartments at a Price as Low as 13 lac and 22 lacs [APPROX] Respectively. Those Appartments will be Alloted by Lucky Draw only.

Pivotal Affordable Sector 62 Gurgaon UNVEILING SOON !!!!!!!!

Pivotal infrastructure pvt ltd is the leading real estate developers in India have given birth to a revolution in the affordable housing segment by introducing affordable housing project Pivotal Devaan housing sector 84 and Pivotal Riddhi Siddhi sector 99 in Gurgaon. Now Pivotal comes up with its new affordable housing project in sector 62 gurgaon. The project is geographically located in sector 62, Gurgaon and approved by Haryana Govt. under Affordable housing scheme. It provides affordable 1 & 2 BHK group housing project at a price as low as 14 lac and 22 lacs (Approx) respectively. Being developed in conjuction with the government of Haryana, this residential complex gives new meaning to the term value based housing. The apartments will be allotted by draw of lots. These residential apartments are surrounded by a green arena of nature following the guidelines proposed by Huda green belt.

Project Overview

Beyond your imagination — Pivotal affordable sector 62 gurgaon

A home overlooking the verdant greens, a dream that you can call your home. Pivotal infrastucture, the pioneers in real estate goes beyond your imagination and is all set to make your dream homes. The group brings you Pitvotal affordable sector 62 gurgaon, luxurious yet affordable residential apartments at a prime location. Live in a landscape central park, community hall and plenty of other leisure options at the best location, available to you in one fourth of a price. Almost like living in a paradise on earth if there is one.

Location– Sector 62 Gurgaon

Typology- 1Bhk/2Bhk/3BHK

  • Fixed Rate of Rupees.4000/- sqft. carpet area and Balcony of Rupees.500/-sqft.(FIXED BY HUDA)
  • No extra charges ie: EDC/IDC/Car Parking Charges+PLC.
  • Allotment Draw by HUDA.
  • No Maintenance Charges for 5 Years After Occupation.
  • Well Ventilated Appartments.
  • Home Loan Up to 90%
  • Parking Free For Two-Wheeler
  • Smarty and green design.
  • Carpet Area Basis Rate
  • Project Delivered in 4 years.
  • On Golf Course Extension Road.



Huda Affordable Housing Policy

What is Huda Affordable Housing Policy?

  • In this article we explore in detail the Huda Haryana Affordable Housing Policy of 2013, Gurgaon.
  • A policy named ‘Affordable Housing Policy of 2013’ has been notified by the government. This policy is
  • made by the government in order to encourage the housing projects in which apartments of predefined
  • size and predefined rates are made available for the deserving people from the lower and the lower
  • middle classes. Those projects for which licenses are given under the present policy cannot be converted
  • in to the normal housing colony under any circumstances. In this regard, it does not matter if the
  • projects fall within the limit of 20 percent for residential sectors that’s prescribed for group housing
  • Projects under the policy will be sold on the bases of Carpet area. So the people are only going
  • to pay for the area that they will use.

Granting the license

  • As per the affordable housing policy, the projects will be allowed in residential areas of notified
  • development plans of various cities and towns. The first come first serve basis will be used for granting
  • the licenses for the housing projects of this type.

Incentives for the developers

  • It is envisioned in the affordable housing policy that the capital investment for the development of the
  • affordable houses will be made by the private sector. And according to the policy, incentives will be
  • given to the private developers. Following are the incentives offered to the developers:
  • The developers will be exempted from the license fee as well as the infrastructure development
  • The floor area ratio is higher at 225 against 175 which is usually permitted in group housing projects.
  • Higher ground coverage to the tune of 50% against 35% and is normally allowed.

Requirements for Zoning

  • The maximum area for which such projects are allowed in the development plans include 300
  • acre for the Panchkula Extension, Panchkula, Pinjore-Kalka, Gurgaon and Faridabad, 150 acre
  • for the Bahadurgarh, Sohna, Karnal, Dharuhera, Sonipat and Panipat and 75 acre for the rest of
  • the development plans. Under this policy only 5% or less than 5% of the total planned area
  • under residential zones is allowed for projects that fall under affordable housing policy.
  • However, if the total area in a residential sector is less than one hundred acres, then only one
  • project of this type will be allowed on five acres. In addition, to make sure that such projects
  • are distributed well over the development plan, the maximum net planned area permitted
  • under the policy in a residential project is restricted to 10 acre.

Rates of Flats

  • In the development plans of Pinjore-Kalka, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Panchkula, the maximum allotment
  • rate for the apartment units approved under affordable housing policy is 4000 Rupees for each square
  • This rate is 3600 Rupee for each square foot in the development plans of the other towns having
  • medium and high potential and it is 3000 Rupees for each square foot in the remaining towns that have
  • low potential.

Eligibility criteria and the allotment of flats

  • Draw will be made for the allotment of the affordable housing units and the deputy commissioner of the
  • district in which the unit is situated will handle the draw. As per the new housing policy of Haryana, any
  • individual who doesn’t own a house or a flat or a plot in a colony of the Haryana Urban Development
  • Authority (HUDA), or in a licensed colony in NCR or in Chandigarh, would be eligible for the scheme.

Time period for completing a project

  • The affordable housing projects will be required to be completed within a period of 4 years after the
  • grant of environmental clearance or building plans. The days is going to be referred to as the date of
  • commencement of the project and the licenses will be renewed beyond four years period from the
  • commencement of the project.

Area of apartments

  • As per the policy, the size of apartments which will be constructed is going to be in the range of 28 sq.
  • meter to 60 sq. meter carpet area. The carpet area is the net usable area that is bound within the walls
  • of the residential unit and it excludes the area covered by the balconies and the walls. Carpet area does
  • include the toilet, bathroom, store, kitchen, shelf, built-in-cupboard and almirah areas.
  • There are no separate EWS categories in the apartments so that the cross subsidy components are
  • eliminated and the adverse impacts on the affordability of apartments are avoided.

Parking spaces

  • The parking space for each residential unit is provide at the rate of half the equivalent car space. Only
  • single two wheeler parking site will be earmarked for each flat and it will only be allotted to the owner
  • of a flat. The parking bay of two wheelers will be 2.5 meter x 0.8 meter unless specified otherwise in the
  • zoning plan. There won’t be any car parking allotted to owners of an apartment in such projects.

Check on the builders

  • Bank guarantee must be taken by the colonizer. This guarantee will be taken against the total realization
  • from project at rate of 15 percent for the areas that fall in the development plans of Gurgaon,
  • Panchkula, Faridabad, Pinjore-Kalka and Panchkula Extension. The rate will be 10 percent for the rest of
  • This bank guarantee must be taken as a matter of the security against any of the possible
  • neglects in the completion of the project.

Maintenance of the project after the deliver

  • As per the affordable housing policy, the developers will maintain the project for 5 years after the
  • completion of the project. This maintenance will be provided by the developer free of cost. After these
  • five years, the maintenance will be overtaken by the resident association. Maintenance of the
  • residential projects is an important issue which has to be defined in more detailed and better way so
  • that there is a clear cut solution.


  • This affordable housing policy is a wonderful step by the government. It will enable the availability of the
  • apartments of predefined size at predefined affordable rates to the residents in the urban markets. The
  • policy will make sure that the projects get completed on time.
  • Also the policy strikes a good balance by giving incentives to the builders and by putting a proper check
  • on the builders, ensuring that the projects are delivered on time.
  • If the affordable housing policy is implemented the way it is envisioned, it’s going to be very beneficial
  • for the people belonging to lower middle and lower classes strata of the society. Approximately 6 lac
  • people in the urban centers of Harayana will benefit from this policy in the next 5 years.

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Gurgaon, located to the south of New Delhi, is a leading financial and industrial center of Haryana. Gurgaon Real estate Market has seen an upward graph owing to its well planned infrastructure and being the hub of more than 250 fortune 500 companies. Seeing the trend, leads to attracts thousands of young professionals every year. This leads to increase in the demand for living units. Gurgaon has become one of the best locations to find a variety of dwelling units ranging from Affordable Housing, plush condominiums to well furnished service apartments.

One of such promising new Affordable project, in sector 62, Golf Course Extension Road. The project is offering Affordable Housing apartments with 401,673,745 sq.ft starting at Rs. 19lakhs, offering 11% assured return. To invest in PIVOTAL PARADISE GURGAON, call the most trusted real estate consultant in Gurgaon, HEINDIA. Our services and prices are unmatched by any other. We specialize in creating the best investment portfolio for our clients.



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