Increase Performance by Zeroing in on the Customer Journey

Consumers are shifting away from the funnel by changing the way they interact with brands and make purchases.

Shopping Behavior in the Digital Age

Successful marketing reaches consumers at moments or touchpoints that will most influence their decisions. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that performance marketers need to focus on the end-to-end customer journey and utilize every touchpoint as an opportunity for a meaningful conversation.

Our Approach

How To Maximize The 5 phases on Paid Social

Unlike the traditional model, the circular approach recognizes that you’ll always be up against new brands vying for your customer’s attention. For this reason, it’s essential to maximize your presence during each phase. Here’s what we’ve seen perform the best on paid social:

Step-by-Step Customer-Based View

With e-commerce and social commerce on the rise, it’s getting easier to build a conversation with your customers and reach people who are most likely to relate with your product. But the cost per acquisition (CAC) is not cheap. So how do you make your brand the most memorable? How do you make an impression that will shorten the purchasing journey and make your customers come back?

  1. Arrived at a time when the customer was actively shopping
  2. Reminded them of things they were interested in
  3. Rewarded their loyalty
  • Creating reward programs
  • Sending a personalized message after they make a purchase
  • Mailing hand-written thank you notes

Performance marketing expert with $30M+ in managed ad spend experience on paid social.

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