12 Gifts for Perennials, a curious people*

*especially if that Perennial is you

Perennials is a term coined by Gina Pell, my co-founder of The What. It’s used to describe enduring, ever-blooming, curious people of all ages not a demographic or a generation. If this sounds like you or someone on your holiday list, here are some items you’ll both enjoy (especially #12):

1. The Bookworm

Book of the Month Club is a great way to discover and read more books. Choose from 5 curated selections each month or cobble together your own reading list from The What’s 20 FICTION BOOKS OF 2016. No time to read? This article might convince you otherwise.

2. The Romantic

The Lumio Book Lamp is a magical object that will take your breath away the first, and every, time you open it. Use it as a table lamp or keep it closed on a coffee table to delight and surprise curious guests. It recharges through a USB cable so once it’s juiced you can illuminate all the places you’ll go. Here’s a less fancy, lower priced alternative on Amazon.

3. The Connoisseur

Zalto is exquisite, cult glassware among sommeliers and wine lovers around the world. Despite the thin width of the glass and stems, which some claim improves the taste of wine, Zaltos are deceptively sturdy and can be put in the dishwasher. Like anything fine, they come at a cost. We invested in red, white, and champagne stems but try the Universal Glasses for a good starter set. Just know that once you go Zalto you’ll be ruined for all’altro (ungrammatical Italian pun but you get the idea).

4. The Traveler

We’ve searched high and low for a great travel bag — one that is roomy, chic, and zippered for security. The Weekender from Cuyana is all that and then some. Plus, it’s made from durable canvas which holds up well in inclement weather.

5. The Lounger

Mahabis is a brand of luxury unisex slippers that is all the rage in Europe and just starting to cross the pond. It goes from indoor to outdoor with the snap of a button — meaning you won’t track dirt through your house but still never have to remove your shoes, only your soles.

6. The Communicator

This ingenious wristlet by Bandolier can be attached to a purse strap or worn on the wrist. She’ll never need to fumble around in her bag to find her phone again. And who needs a wallet with this handy credit card pouch in the back?

7. The Popper

Fulfill several urges at once with this Bubble Wrap Wall Calendar. It’s visually appealing, tactile, and sonically satisfying.

8. The Hip(hop)ster

The Rap Year Book will up anybody’s cool factor.

9. The Aesthete

Electric Objects is a revolutionary concept and the next great movement in art that starts with a 23" LED backlit frame, which allows you to rotate your artwork at a whim. Choose from more than 30,000 works in their art club and community collection. No hammer and nails required.

10. The Health Conscience

The Whole 30 is a way of eating and thinking about food which has helped many of our friends reset their metabolism, digestive tract, balance the immune system, and increase energy (with glowing skin and a leaner body as side effects). We are trying it ourselves just as soon as the holidays are over.

11. The Athlete

The Amazfit activity tracker is the sleekest on the market. It does everything the other trackers do without looking like a sports watch. We also love that it costs under $100 and looks like a chic bracelet.

12. The Lovers

Damiana, an ancient Mayan liqueur, has often been associated with fertility and has a Viagra-like effect for women. GP and I have both tried it and let’s just say it gets the juices flowing to all the right places. Serve it on the rocks or as a margarita topper then wait 30 minutes. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Amy Parker is Chief Exec of The What, a clever list for curious people. Get The What in your inbox.

Chief Exec at The What, a clever list for curious people

Chief Exec at The What, a clever list for curious people