“More importantly, why has the “blockchain for censorship resistance” idea not been discussed more…
Matthew Edmundson

Matthew Edmundson I have weighed in on these issues in my other post, The Tor of Money if you scroll down to the “bitcoin may fork” section.

The gist of it is this: there is an illusion that is ingrained in a significant chunk (of which I was part of) of the investors today that believes that Bitcoin is superior than the existing financial system. My response is that because Bitcoin has censorship resistance (for now), it is worse than the existing financial system from the government’s perspective. This is why governments will never allow their currency to be displaced by Bitcoin because they want to retain the ability to censor transactions.

What I want to know is why “blockchain for censorship resistance” hasn’t been bought into more seriously by big blockers.

It is because they do not realize that this is the purpose of what we are building. It is not malicious. They believe (as did I) we’re all en route to displace all fiat and VISA and replace it with a big blockchain and law enforcement is just gonna go “yup that looks good.” and we’ll be buying coffee with the lightning network or whatever.

It is very hard for them to get out of this mindset because they are so invested in it (both money and time). The best we can do is continue to show evidence that you do not need a blockchain for all the crazy schemes. Civic does not need a blockchain, Brave does not need a blockchain, etc. They have to be walked through a whiteboard session with someone who understands the blockchain to understand why (see my comments on Brave needing a blockchain). It’s hard work so I’m thinking maybe just letting them do their thing and if the system has no immune response (ie. a fork) then it’s not good enough.

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