Let’s Make a Visualization: Chord Diagram

Chord Diagrams visualize the relationships among data in a matrix. For a detailed explanation of how they work see Using “Data Storytelling” with a chord diagram by Nadieh Bremer.

This example is based on a chord diagram from Nadieh Bremer’s Hacking a chord digram to visual a flow article.

Chord Diagram — Kubed/JavaFX

The visualization is built using Kubed and is rendered using JavaFX. The code to generate this visualization can be found at the end of this article (as well as in the kubed-demos project).

Recreating D3 visualizations has been a great way to test Kubed’s functionality and identify awkward parts of the API — this example is no exception, it’s pointed out some awkwardness with the selection API, particularly in regards to the ambiguity resulting from methods overridden with different lambdas. Updates coming soon!