The n word has a very unique meaning in the English language then most words. A word that was created to as insult and torment Black people since the 17th century. Over time the African American community has tried embrace the word as a term of endearment and a have a meaning of being a friend or having brotherhood. When African Americans used this term in a positive sense, white supremacy wants the word to be erased form the English vocabulary. I believe that the reason white people ‘hate’ the word and think it shouldn’t be used, because they can’t use the word in the same context as African Americans can. The n word can’t be removed from the English language because history cannot be erased. I’m not the judge of who can and cannot use the term, but I just don’t see the point of using the term if you haven’t felt what it is like to have your race oppressed and downgraded since we were brought to this country. African Americans use the term so it can be reclaimed with a better meaning than it originated from. When people other than African Americans use the term it shows that they feel black lives are insignificant and inferior. This is the new era where African Americans are making tremendous strides in overcoming what is expected of us. We want to be apart of the stereotype that we create for ourselves, rather than something that is given. An article I've recently read was building the new stereotype that black men are ‘well-traveled, educated, spiritual cultured, innovative, relentless and optimistic. These are the qualities African Americans need to uphold and maintain to be successful in a world that is not in your favor.