The 3 great things about speaking in the Meetup @ Belfast Java User Group

“when you share something you love, people have the best possible attitude towards you”
Credits for the photo: Bruna Almeida

Along the way I've been there many times by now, on the stage, presenting something I knew, something that I learned, some crazy thought brought up by my (very) noisy mind.

But there's always a first-time-thing going on: this time? Speaking in a city that I have just recently arrived, and in English.

Pressure was on for a while, but it turned out that the same good things I have experienced before were all there, only in a different language and accent, but all present: when you share something you love, people have the best possible attitude towards you.

1) Great support from organisers, my employer and the venue

Good vibes, all the way along, from everybody participating in the organisation of the talk!

The Belfast JUG (Java User Group) organisers Niall McLoughlin, Stuart Greenlees and (special thanks) Martin Naughton were brilliant! Made everything easy to me, so that I could focus on the content.

A lovely pub in Belfast called Sunflower Public House generously offers their 1st floor amenities (a fair presentation room) for speakers, and they very kindly accepted our event.

Boxfish, company in which I currently work, very kindly sponsored great pizza (yay!) and allowed me to speak about the knowledge I shared on Docker. We have developed that knowledge in the trench, so I would like their generosity in allowing me speak at the event to not go unsaid.

2) Meetup talks are about real people sharing real experiences

Different than the showbiz where you gotta get people dancing and singing according to your song, meetup talks are about real people sharing real life experiences.

For the last 2 years I worked with Docker containers in several different setups. And it really made my life a lot easier. So I thought: why not share it and maybe somebody there needs just that to solve a working problem?

3) When you share what you love, people have the best attitude towards you

I repeated this a good couple of times by now, but it never gets old.

After the talk, many of the attendees came personally to make comments, say very nice things to me, thank me for what I shared. That is rewarding!

I was already happy to just have the opportunity to share something I like and like to talk about, but even so, people made sure that I felt good for coming down to the Sunflower speak to them.

Some nice atendees also shared their notes on the meetup, which I am most pleased to re-share here:

Thanks for each and everyone of you. You made my day on the 25th of April, 2017. And I hope that what I shared also helps you guys in the trench like it has helped me.

If you are searching for the slides used in the presentation here:

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