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Take a vacation away from masculinity.

Something that has truly surprised me in my journey From Vanilla To Kink is how much I have loved Crossdressing my partners.

I should clarify: I love the consensual, pre-negotiated act of sissification. It usually goes against my personal rules to engage in the stereotypical definition of this kink (where a “forced humiliation” scene ensues with a male partner) and while I have enjoyed various forms of erotic humiliation play, with regards to the subject of feminization, I prefer positive and supportive fun in transforming a seemingly normal looking everyday man into his idea of the Ultimate Goddess. The stigma around this kink however is still very much alive and misunderstood. And while this piece will be sharing the experiences I’ve had with mostly heterosexual males, Cross Dressing is practiced by more than just cisgender men. And it’s important to say that enjoying playing the Sissy doesn’t necessarily mean someone is homosexual or transgender, any more than being struck by a flogger means you are a hardcore masochist. …

A revisited Stockroom Article by Chris Hall & Hudsy Hawn


CH: Can you first explain what you mean by Touch On Your Self, and how you apply that?

HH: I’ve had new kinksters ask me over the years, “How can my partner and I get started? What should we buy?” Or “How do we figure out what we are both into if we’ve never tried this before?” Going to classes and being voyeurs at play parties can definitely help to find the answers to those questions.
But I am suggesting something else. TOYS: Touch On Your Self. …

a revisited interview by Chris Hall & Hudsy Hawn

It’s sometimes easy to get trapped in the standard image of a dominant woman — stern, fearsome, humorless, and wrapped in expensive leather. We can forget how unique the journeys and visions of real-life Mistresses are. In November 2016, Hudsy & Chris sat down with Femme Dommes to talk about their desires, their journeys, and what it takes to be a good Dominant on The Stockroom Blog.

Chris Hall: Do you remember the moment you knew you were kinky? Were you always a Top?

Hudsy Hawn: I accidentally met a Male Dom on craigslist in 2005. What I thought was going to be just a one night stand turned into my first journey down the kinky rabbit hole. As I drank red wine out of a dog bowl at his feet, my love of submission was born. …

Yesterday at work was quite fun, though my back is paying for it today. I’m a forty-something Pro-Domme who’s been in the lifestyle since 2005 and I’ve also been wearing high heels onstage as a cover band singer, getting people to get up and dance to the most popular Top 40 tunes for the last 25 years, so my feet are pretty sore! Today, I’m so thankful for my writing, consulting and teaching prospects, which are not only emotionally rewarding but just physically better for my body nowadays.

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(Back when I sang for my supper at Disneyland)

However, before I decide to retire these “kinky boots” altogether, I thought it might be fun to share a glimpse into what a day in the life of a working Dominatrix actually looks like. …

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“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as We are.” -Anais Nin

One of the things I see often in my couples coaching is when one partner needs the other to think about something in the exact same way they do. We have a lot of patience for how our friends think and live differently, but when it comes to our family members and especially our life partners, it’s so easy to fall into an obsession on how they should perfectly fit into our expectations of them and our lives together. …

Many of my friends are heading “Home” this weekend. The long drive to Burning Man starts today (and some have already been there for several days or weeks setting up the infrastructure and theme camps.) I became enlightened by the gifts of this annual festival way back in 2010. I was nervous for my first “Burn.” I wasn’t into camping and the idea of not showering was too gross to fathom! Roughing it was for hippies, I thought. …

I’m a Dominatrix & Here’s How I can Help You Have Better Sex.

(This article was originally written for an issue of Mens Health Magazine.)

BDSM can teach us a lot about communication, consent, and desire.


AUG 17, 2018

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Thirteen years ago, I was newly divorced and lonely, working days as a singer at Disneyland and spending nights with men from Craigslist. One time, I drove to a stranger’s house expecting a one-night stand. I wound up having my first experience with a “dominant.” I sought more information about BDSM (role-playing, bondage, domination, and submission), first from books and then by making friends in the BDSM community. …

Below is a previous interview of myself conducted by my colleague, Chris Hall, for The Stockroom Blog. I recently read this post again and wanted to share here as I feel the interview content is a great BDSM resource, especially for new Dom’s. This entry was originally posted by Chris on January 5, 2017:

CH: This week, Stockroom’s Head Mistress Hudsy Hawn takes her place at the head of the class to give a follow-up to her very popular “FemDom 101” workshop. That class helped introduce beginning FemDoms to the basics of Pro-Domination; in “Road to DomHood” this Saturday, Hudsy expands the conversation to newbee lifestylers, inviting all roles and genders to attend and learn about the steps needed to explore the physical and mental aspects of connected BDSM. …

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(Hudsy & Teddy- ©Tommy O Photo)

I remember the first time I got a spanking. Well- wait. I should go further back. I was never spanked via punishment as a child, so when my first Dominant spanked me in 2005, it was very titillating (probably because I had needed that corrective role-play for so long.) I was able to endure what I later found out was actually an untrained spanking. However, the emotional connection we had simply blurred any awareness of bad technique or his lack of reading my pain threshold. I wanted him to control me, to expect more of me than I did of myself, which would of course earn my utmost respect. The fun of being thrown over his lap and taken in hand was sexy and rewarding to me. I didn’t care that it may have hurt a bit too much, or that he stayed in one spot for too long. …

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Portions of this piece were taken from posts written by Hudsy Hawn for The Stockroom Blog & Trans Magazine.

I recently had the honor of traveling to Denver to take part in the Exxxotica Expo and had a wonderful time teaching as part of their educational offerings. What I loved most about this opportunity was getting to engage with the hundreds of people I met at my classes. I spoke to many couples who were there for the long weekend, looking to invigorate their relationships through the many toy vendors, stage shows, and classes. In the past, I’d spent over two decades entertaining people through a musical stage forum. …

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