Social Selling Index — How Sales Professionals Leverage Linkedin

If you are in sales and look for ways to leverage Linkedin to improve your network effectively, generate better leads, build relationship to increase performance, you must understand the basis of Social Selling Index (SSI).

What is Social Selling Index (SSI)?

So basically SSI is a sales solution by Linkedin launched in Oct 2014. Think of it like a self-assessment for your activity on LinkedIn, putting them into 4 pillars and your total score is the sum on the scale of 1-100. The more relevant your activity to the 4 pillars, the higher you score. Each pillar gets 25 points.

How to get your Social Selling Index score?

Of course, you need to have a Linkedin account and sign in to get your Social Selling Index (SSI).

Why is Social Selling Index so hot?

Well, do you recognise that everything gets digitalised? Gartner mentions it as “The Nexus of Forces” or you may hear the term SMAC — Social, Mobile, Analytics/ Big data and Cloud. We have lots of social networks to check everyday and for job search or professional, we use Linkedin, so do our clients and prospects.

Linkedin also promotes it a lot with the benefits to both sales professionals and their employers as sales staff with a high SSI rank

  • creates 45% more opportunities
  • are 51% more likely to hit sales quotas
  • and 78% more productive in their engagement with prospects.

What are in SSI and how to improve?

Let’s go further into 4 pillars (each has 25 points) and understand how to improve in each!

1. Establish a Professional Brand

Any brand carries values with it, so let’s start building your Linkedin brand, credibility and builds trust. Linkedin values “thought leader” profiles, which result in increased enquiries, and better responses to communications.

Checklist for scoring higher on this:

  • Profile completeness: complete 100%
  • Multimedia: Add and use rich contentsuch as videos, presentations & cover photo
  • Endorsements: your endorsements and recommendations
  • Long form posts: to share your expertise

2. Find the Right People

SSI takes into account how well you interact on LinkedIn, and analyses the value of connections and relationships.

  • Be proactive: in prospect searches
  • Find the right people: Use filter criteria such as seniority, skills, role, geography, etc. to find potential prospect profiles (out of your network)
  • Follow up: Check up and engage with anyone who has viewed your profile
  • Keep track: Save your leads in Sales Navigator or Lead builder (for Premium accounts)

3. Engage With Insights

Active engagement is integral to successful social campaigns and carrying the conversations forward. A few activities that can help:

  • Engage everyday: like and comment on relevant content
  • Share: Your value proposition is industry expert, so share relevant content and industry news in your timeline.
  • Reach out: Comment on relevant status updates, discussions, and on Pulse, but seek to solve problems not sell
  • Join groups and actively engage
  • Build connections: Connect and follow prospects, current customers and competitors to build your community

4. Build Trusted Relationships

Effective social selling revolves around assisting prospects first, and selling product second. Client first — that’s the rule! Solve pain points and build genuine trusted relationships, and you should see sales success.

  • Expand your network: especially if you meet them at event or after being introduced. referred.
  • Focus on connecting with strong status individuals (VP+)
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for connections: Ask mutual connections to introduce you to valuable prospects
  • Don’t overdo it: Your acceptance success is taken into account. Focus your efforts on connecting with a few valuable people rather than mass messaging everyone

Hope this helps and happy social selling!