Color Of My World S0102: Nakamura Garden

De York, Apple, Santas Gray, Woodsmoke
“Nakamura K Nursery”
Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii
SIZE: 3×3
CLUES: No, Difficulty 2
Gabriel Mott
FEELING: gratitude, honor, reverence

How long have you thought about the colors and image you chose?
This particular nursery was a half block from the first house I moved into when I moved to Honolulu last year. I was always drawn to it, but didn’t actually visit until last week.

Why did you choose these colors?
Mostly I was enchanted by the elderly couple and the zen like watering of ordered rows of plants I witnessed with the sun an hour or two from setting. While the other side of Oahu has lots of jungle, the lush greens are rare in Waikiki. I was struck by how the light was coming through the screen and I was curious how hard a puzzle would be with mostly greens.

What might we not have noticed?
Maybe that the color of one corner of the Pix puzzle is near pure grey?

Any tips on solving this Puzzle?
Note that the left column really stays pretty close in value. The light green and the grey create a soft left column with only slight steps in brightness. The dark right corner is much darker than any of the others– that would be where I would start when solving this puzzle. Then to the dark grey and dark green, they have to go next to the darkest and can’t be in the same array.

What did you love about it?
The couple that runs the nursery, celebrates their 60th wedding anniversary this year. The man watering told me that he’s been there for 80 years when it was rice paddies all around with a river that ran past.

Link to Play this puzzle in Huedoku Pix will be available soon.

About the Creator:
Gabriel Mott who loses sleep calculating what colors make the easiest huedoku puzzle, still only knows about 13 different color names.
Artist, App-creator, Designer, Dick Nelson Student
He is also CEO and co-founder of Huedoku Labs @huedoku

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